Planning Your Wedding to Mauritius

Planning Your Wedding to Mauritius



Progressively more people are choosing to get married out of their own country which is on top a more exceptional and fascinating style. Mauritius has extraordinary panorama; splendid weather and the beautiful golden beaches together with several deluxe resorts and comparatively affordable prices.

These awe-inspiring elements make your particular new phase of life unforgettable and it is believed that planning your special day with us is an excellent option for a combination of both wedding and honeymoon.

Thus, Mauritius Weddings is proud to offer duteous assistance to couples to realize their wedding plans and to ensure them that their event turns out to be as perfect as they wished-for..

Don't miss this dazzling opportunity to have a look at our quick guide to the assorted steps for experiencing your wedding impressive moments in Mauritius.

More and more people are choosing to get married abroad. Mauritius fabulous scenery and weather, beautiful sandy beaches, several luxurious resorts and relatively affordable prices make it a popular option for a combined wedding and honeymoon.

Mauritius Weddings is proud to offer assistance to couples making wedding plans to ensure that their event turns out to be as perfect as they envisioned.

Please have a look at our quick guide to the different steps for having your wedding in Mauritius.

Before your Arrival to Mauritius

  1. Let us plan the best wedding for you in accordance with your desires and wish. Mauritius Wedding offers an assortment of wedding packages as well as the option of a tailor-made dream wedding as demand of our customer. The first step is to decide the type of location and venue you would prefer, and then we will provide you with all the necessary information as well as the personal contribution and tips to generate your perfect wedding that will be stamped on your memory.
  2. You will need to send required documents for the legal procedure at least 8 week in advance (and bring the original documents including birthday certificate and others legal documents with you when you come). Contact our wedding coordinator for more info pertaining to legal requisites for your wedding in Mauritius.
  3. Make sure your passport is valid for over six months from the date of your departure provided for Mauritius for the bride and groom.
  4. If you need a visa to visit Mauritius, we advise that you contact the consulate to obtain all relevant information on visa requirements of Mauritius and please be ensured that all proceeding should be rightfully implemented by the date of the departure.
  5. If you travel to another destination which necessitates vaccinations or medicines against malaria, dengue or any tropical fever and disease, do make sure that you are cognizant of all the current requirements. Please note that no vaccinations or malaria tablets or injections are required when visiting Mauritius.
  6. Before travelling to Mauritius, you should be very thrilled and looking forward to your magical holiday and wedding on our paradisiac island. Brides bringing their wedding dress are advised to wrap their precious garments in a cloth, in a suitcase or a box marked “fragile” before that they are being checked at the airport.
  7. This box will then be stored in a special container for fragile pieces. Light gowns can be wrapped in the cardboard box and placed in the overhead luggage container of the plane.

Last minute Wedding checklist – the day of departure...
At the date of departure, we request that you do a final check to ensure that you have everything you need:

  • Travel Documents
  • Passports for both
  • Originals documents for your wedding ceremony
  • Bride and Groom wedding outfits

Funny Wedding vows speech

  • Delight music to play during and after the ceremony
  • Wedding Rings!
  • Special music to play during and after the ceremony

When you arrive …

  • When you arrive in Mauritius, you'll take the day to move in to your preferred hotel or beach villa, relax on the beach while enjoying the magnificent sunset Mauritian sun and enjoy your first day in paradise.
  • ThenMauritiuswedding plannerwill contact you toconfirm the dayand timeto bringyou to the central Civil Status officeand to ensure all is per your expectationsfor the big day.
  • After the wedding procedure back to your hotel resort, we will help you to choose your wedding location in the present of the hotel wedding coordinator. Most newlyweds prefer to marry the gardens near the beach, but the choice is yours! Weddings will be held in the afternoon 15h00-16h00 that this is the coolest time of day, light is also better for photographs and you can enjoy the sunsets at this time of day.
  • After two you will receive your wedding certificate, from now all that remains now are to relax enjoy your resort, the sun, sea and beach. You also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful island with excursions and Mauritius has to offer. Mauritius marriage will be happy to offer some activities, tours and excursions in Mauritius for you to choose. We will be happy to provide review and recommendation to the creation of the complete travel package to suit your tastes. As a result, you can choose one of our special romantic packages for honeymooners, single trips islands, unforgettable excursions theft or any other...