Legal Requirements for Weddings Mauritius

Legal Requirements for Weddings in Mauritius

Mauritius is the venue for lovers worldwide to hold their wedding ceremony.

Nearly all nationalities of the world may have legal wedding here in the lovely paradise island of Mauritius.

While it is not possible to avoid legal documents trying our utmost to ensure that you fill in all the documents quickly and easily without stressed.

The most important regarding marriage documents are to make sure that you bring all original documents required.

What documents do you need to provide?

Minimum 2 months prior your departure to Mauritius, our wedding planner should receive copies of all necessary documents (can be sent through e-mail / letter / fax)

The documents you’ll need to be provided include:

  1. Copies passports first 3 passages
  2. Birth certificates
  3. A judge decree for divorce
  4. Proof of change of name if applicable
  5. Death for the widow/widower
  6. Documents non-English must be translated into English and duly stamp
  7. Only French passport holders need to submit their documentation to us 3 months before arrival in Mauritius

The couple have also to plan a free day in Mauritius before their wedding day (must be a working day – not public holidays/Saturday/Sunday) so they could finalize all the local legal procedure for having the required papers for their wedding in Mauritius.

In order to finalize the wedding paperwork, the future couple will have to go to two different offices one is in Port Louis.  The couple will be accompanied by a driver of our company and a wedding planner.

The two offices to be visited are:

  1. Central Civil Status office Port Louis - All documents will be double checked and authorized
  2. Civil Status Sub Office – The second officer to visit is the Civil Status Sub Office which is located in the district closest to your hotel for the publication of the wedding.

At this point you will discuss the type of wedding as well as wedding time and vows with the civil status officer. The Civil Status Officer is the one who can confirm the wedding time.