Big game fishing in Mauritius

Catching on blue waters of a mythical destination

The feeling that holds the fisherman when the prey twirls down the line of his fishing rod is unique and intense. Black or blue marlin, yellow fin tuna, hammerhead, blue shark or blue shark or bream, once the big fish hooked it is the beginning of a long struggle that is never won in advance. On the boat sailing through the deep waters on the other side of the reef, whether amateur or professional, the fisherman knows that he can rely on the expertise and the complicity between the skipper and the staff accompanying him in this beautiful expedition that will remain etched in memory. What will come out in this battle between man and fish, as it is arching the rod, depends mostly on the fisherman’s patience and on the strategy he will adopt to try to get the prey on board. Sometimes it is the fish which is the strongest, but the thrill driven from big game fishing is exceptional, especially when it is practiced in Mauritius.  Among those who have adopted this destination, Spanish Pedro C, Jimenez, settled in Mauritius since these last 13 years, the big game fishing aficionado lives on the island like a … fish in water. He has good reason for that: “Here you just to leave the reef to find and tease the big fish. While in Australia, the world’s leading destination for big game fishing, you have to cross 30 to 60 000 nautical miles to get the fish. In Manutius the water is deep right after the lagoon. One can fish by 80 to 100 meters deep.

Specialised magazines on big game fishing rank Rodriguez as being part of the top destinations. No need to blush; it remains a mythical island for of this activity and for stand-up fishing too. The island attracts visitors from around the world, and to avoid over fishing in its waters, Mauritius regulates the activity to respect the reproductive period and size of the catch. Large fish can be caught throughout the year. However the temperature of the sea being warmer in November, Mauritian waters are then the most generous. Over the years it has been professionlised and equipment’s have been updated, being now of higher quality. The lines are becoming stronger, thinner and longer while reels are sophisticated. Either amateur or professional, still the fisherman knows that he can try out in better conditions. Skippers engage in the sector, perfectly know the sea and how to find the  best places where to throw the lines.

The greatest fishing places are mainly in the bay of Black River and Le Morne on the west coast of the island. The main characteristic of these two spots is that they are protected from winds and strong currents. These regions also offer beautiful outings on a turquoise sea in front of a landscape of while sand, dark mountains and green flora under a huge blue sky.

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